Exploring New Frontiers in Siddha Medicine: Metals, Minerals, and Medicinal Plants on 03.07.2024

Webinar on Breast Feeding Awareness Programme

Webinar on “Physiological Basis of ECG and its Clinical Application”

Webinar on the topic Development of the Heart and Lungs 20.07.2021

Webinar on “Nutritional management in NCDs’ by Dr. T. Premalatha,B.S.M.S,MSc Epidemiology.

Webinar on “Applied Epidemiology in Siddha”

Webinar on “An innovative approaches in Thermal and Electric Cauterization”

Department of kuzhanthai maruthuvam presented a webinar on TREATING CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS THROUGH SIDDHA SYSTEM OF MEDICINE. The resource person for the session was Dr. P. K. PARTHEEBAN BSMS, ACES, Director, Swabhiman holistic solutions for Autism

Department of Sool Magalir Maruthuvam conducted a webinar on Breast Carcinoma – A Clinical perspective on 2nd july 2021

Department of Noi Naadal conducted an Oral Presentation Contest for the Third professional students on 25.06.2021