R & D

Sairam Advanced Centre for Research,
Sai Leo Nagar, Poonthandalam, West Tambaram,
Chennai- 600044,
+91 9176 385 442

Research programs of the Center include studies on standardization and assessment of safety and efficacy profile of traditional medicines, studies on metal toxicity in plants, soils, herbo-minerals, distribution of different elemental concentrations in the raw materials, Biochemical and Biotechnological feature, etc.

Sairam Advanced Centre for research gives drive to communicate modern technology and biotechnology into the characteristics of teaching, training and drug manufacturing of the traditional systems of Indian medicine especially Siddha, Ayurvedha, and other related fields. To meet the growing demand of the consumers, it is necessary to introduce modern technology and biotechnology in this sector not only in establishing the safety but also in producing the drugs in large scale by using the modern technological devices. Systematically based approach either in applying a formula or going for the production of drug by means of modern appliances in Indian System of Medicine. Consumers have a lot of expectations in globalizing the same with due scientific explanations, improved dosage form of those drugs, treatment, etc. In spite of the advancement made in biotechnology in the recent past, Indian Industries are reluctant to step in to the R & D in Indian System of Medicine due to the lack of faith in the safety and efficacy of the traditional drugs. There is resurgence of interest for the use of plant based Indian drugs in national and global markets in view of their lack of side effects and low cost. The Centre has been developed in to a Multi–Disciplinary Research Centre with the state–of –art facilities.
Research Activities:

» Scientific validation/Efficacy profile of ISM
» Standardization of ISM
» In-situ & Ex-situ conservation of medicinal plants
» Analysis of Pharmaceutical formulations
» Quality control of Pharmaceutical Formulations
» Biochemical Studies
» Toxicology Studies
» Pharmacology Studies
» Anti-inflammatory Studies
» Anticancer Studies
» Anti-atherogenic Studies
» Anti-diabetic Studies
» Pharmacokinetics
» Pharmaco dynamic Studies
» Experimental Laboratory Medicine
» Human Clinical trials
» Heavy Metal Studies
» Pesticide Studies
Technical Consulting:

We are also consulting for user defined projects and offer the following services

Tissue Culture
Tissue culture facility that houses all equipment needed for the growth, maintenance, and analysis of cells

Pre-clinical and pharmacological studies

Molecular biology

» Bacterial and Mammalian systems
» Protein production and purification


» Identification by chemical & UV Spectrophotometer
» Bulk density & Tap density
» Viscosity
» Weight variation
» Sieve analysis
» Refractive index
» Limit Test
» Ash Value
» Extractive Value
» Photochemical analysis
» Melting point
» Distillation

Training Programmes
Practical & Theory Training Programmes for UG &PG Level in the field of Molecular biology & Analytical Techniques

Research Scholars
Research Scholars Perusing Fulltime /Part Time PhD Programme


» Institutional Animal Ethical Committee
» Institutional Human Ethical Committee

Memorandum of Understanding

» Noni Gold Industry, Chennai
» PRIST University, Tanjore
» Vivekananda College of Pharmacy, Erode
» Alathur Ayurvedic Manufacturers Association in the direction of MOU with our Research Centre.

Research Publications
Total Number of Peer reviewed Scientific Publications: 25