Chairman & CEO’s Message

Knowledge is perceived only when it is shared. The Inception of Sri Sairam Siddha Medical College & Research Centre was laid by our beloved Founder Chairman MJF Ln. Leo Muthu in a view of sharing this knowledge and also to fulfill his vision in bringing Siddha System of Medicine to the limelight.
‘Siddha’ is our ancient system of medicine which is gaining more recognition now among the public. I am glad that Sri Sairam Siddha Medical College & Research Centre has made their own steps in taking Siddha to the young generation of students and also to the public. The faculties and the students of the college have committed themselves to create awareness for ‘Siddha’ system and they are constantly working for the same.
The college is attached with a well equipped, fully furnished Hospital along with Pharmacy and Clinical Laboratory built as per CCIM regulation. As we all know, Doctor’s profession is a noble profession and the faculties here are conscious in creating more such noble doctors and thereby attempting to extend their services nationally and globally. We will continue on the footsteps of our Founder Chairman to make his vision true.